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How do we download insta video from instavideodownloader ?

It is an easy process to download video from instagram

  • Open Instagram and what you are willing to download.
  • instavideoselect

    Now click on 3 dots.

    click on 'Copy Link' to copy the video or photo URL link from instagram.


    Paste the url in the put url/link on (Enter Instagram Video or Reel or IGTV link ....) input bar of instavideodownload site. Click on the download button to download.

    Now your video is ready to download. Just click on blue download button to download instagram video. No, time for conversion of your video , we directly download your video with one click.

  • Open instagram Video or Reel or IGTV video or Photo you want to download
  • instagram video
  • You can notice 3 dots. Click on them.
  • copy insta video link
  • You can see some options. Now click on 'Copy Link' to copy the insta video or photo link.
  • enter instagram video link
  • Now enter the link on (Enter Instagram Video or Reel or IGTV link ....) input bar. And click on 'Download' button.
  • downloadinstagramvideo
  • Your video is ready. now you can download ins video. Just click on blue download button and directly save insta video on your phone or computer.
  • Easy and best way to ins video download Download instagram videos, reels, igtv and photos for free.

    What is insta video downloader ?

    Insta video downloader helps you to download any kind of video associated with instagram. So if you want to download insta video then you are in the right place. We see there are lots of web services for insta video download but they all save their own agenda and low users experience for instagram video download , so we thought, to provide a better and reliable web service for our users around the world.

    Instavideodownloader always gives a better service to download video insta . insta video downloader is always here for you.

  • Is instvideodownloader free?
  • Yes, instvideodownloader is always free.

  • Can I Download as many videos and photos as I want?
  • Yes, you can download as many videos and photos you want. Download unlimited videos and photos any time any where, insta video download is very easy here.

  • Can I download instagram reels & igtv videos ?
  • Yes, You can download instaram reels igtv videos

  • What is the process to download instagram reels & igtv videos ?
  • To download insta reel and igtv is the same process as you used to download videos.

  • Open instagram
  • Open the reel or igtv you want to download
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Now you can see some options. Now click on "Copy link" to copy the link
  • Now enter the link on insta video downloader's input bar and clik on download button
  • You'll see your reel or igtv video and a download button. Just click on blue download button and save the insta video
  • Can I download instagram Phots ?
  • Yes, You can download instaram photos from here.

  • What is the process to download instagram photo ?
  • For downloading insta photo you need to apply exact same process.

  • Firstly, open instagram photo you want to download
  • Now you'll notice 3 dots, click on them
  • Now you'll see "Copy link" option. Click on that and copy instagram photo link
  • Now enter the link on insta photo downloader's input bar and clik on download button
  • Yes, You did it, your video is ready to download. click the the download button to download instagram image.
  • Can I use insta video downloader in any device ?
  • Yes, everyone can use any device to open our instagram video downloader website. And access our downloader to download insta video.

  • Is it a 24 hours online service ?
  • Yes, it provides 24hours online service, insta video download online free. Save insta video with one click.

  • What quality is available for download?
  • We provide all quality available of the instagram video and photo. The default quality is mp4 and 720p resolution.

  • Do I need to login or sign up to download insta Videos & Photos?
  • No, You do not need to login or signup to download anything. Just enter the instagram photo or video link and clink on download button.

  • How many videos and photos can I download?
  • You can download unlimited insta videos and photos.

  • Can I download multiple photos together?
  • Yes, You can download multiple photos from our site .

  • Is Instagram video & photo download illegal ? ?
  • No. It's legal to save instagram videos & images. If you keep them with your copyright law, do not use them for commercial purposes. Don't use them To earn money or marketing use. Use them for your social media post or status , which is totally legal.

  • Is instvideodownloader secure?
  • Yes, our website completely secure.Our main concern is protecting our users data and information. for more information read our privacy policy

  • What is instagram ??
  • Instagram was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on 6th october 2010. Systrom and Krieger didn't expect much, but they got 25,000 users on the first day of app launch. On 9th april 2012 facebook took control of the company for 1billion dollar. It's a social media which allows you to share high quality photos, it's a more personalised photo sharing app, with high value of monetization by advertise and promotion of other services. It allows you to edit photos and videos that you share on the platform, they have included some other features recently like igtv , reels , status. It has others features personal message , photo editing , video share , group message , Push notifications ,Location tagging , Filters , hashtags. Everyday lots of businessmen and consumers join instagram, easy to target your audience. They create their content and users are willingly follow them, and they're all interested and organic users and followers for your business.

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